Full-Service Masternode Hosting

We have you fully covered. NodeHost automatically configures and launches your masternode for you. We make sure your masternode is continuously running and always updated. You will be able to easily track, manage, and withdraw your rewards. We handle the technical side, you handle the earnings.

Server-Only Hosting

If you prefer to manage your own wallet, our Server-Only option allows you to keep your coins and still avoid the technical and time-consuming setup and maintenance processes. With this option, you will still have access to our user portal and the benefits of NodeHost’s analysis system.

Shared Masternode HostingComing Soon!

Masternode pooling is easy with NodeHost. NodeHost Masternode Pooling allows you to earn rewards based on your share of the pool. Our pools are currently divided into 1/5th slots, so users can join masternodes with just 20% of the required collateral. Masternode pooling is a great way to achieve block reward optimization.

The NodeHost Advantage

Personalized Support

Our goal is to make hosting and managing your nodes as easy as possible. When you run into an issue and contact NodeHost support, you will receive personalized and dedicated support service.

Offline Wallet Storage

NodeHost servers only keep a small amount of cryptocurrency on hand to facilitate instant withdrawals. A minimum of 95% of our users' funds are kept secure in offline storage at all times.

Complete Automation

From launching your masternode to withdrawing rewards, all events triggered in the NodeHost user portal are instantly executed through our top of the line automation system.

Instant Withdrawal

At NodeHost, we believe collecting rewards should be as quick as if you were running the wallet yourself. This is why we have implemented a system to withdraw your rewards instantly 24/7.



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