Q1 2018

Project Inception

Planning & Beta Platform Launch

Q2 2018

Official Public Platform Launch

Full-Service Masternode Hosting Launched

Full Media & Community Launch

Q3 2018

Live On-Site Support

Improved Masternode Tracking + GUI

Influencer Team Formation

Q4 2018

Server-Only Masternode Hosting Released

NodeHost Referral System Released

NODE Coin TestNet Launch

Q1 2019

NodeHost Pro Sale and NODE Coin Distribution

Shared Masternodes Release

iOS Mobile Application Release

Q2 2019

Advanced Coin Profiles Release

External Masternode Monitoring & Analytics

NodeHost Pro VIP Chatroom

Q3 2019

Proof of Stake Functionality Platform Wide Beta

Advanced Analytics on Mobile

Masternode Governance Management Beta

Q4 2019

Auto-Node Deployment from Rewards

Algorithmic Proof-of-Stake Rewards Optimization

On-Site Auto Rewards Conversions