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NodeHost NODE Coin (NODE) is a cryptocurrency layer integrated into the NodeHost Platform.

Using NodeHost’s cryptocurrency layer is not required – all essential hosting features of NodeHost will be available to all users.

Total supply:

25 000 000 NODE



Round 1

9 memberships remaining

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Paying in NODE Coin will provide 10% discount to all service types.

Earn 10% of the purchase for any account you refer. No upward cap.

NodeHost PRO

Holding one or more NODE masternode(s) will qualify the user into NodeHost Pro.

Discount applied to all service fees and charges.

1 NODE Masternode +5% Discount
2 NODE Masternode +10% Discount
3 NODE Masternode +15% Discount
4 NODE Masternode +20% Discount
  • 20% higher platform referral rewards
  • Access to beta programs
  • Preferred platform queue times
  • Access to private chat rooms

Technical Specifications

Algorithm Quark
Max Supply 25,000,000 NODE
Blocktime 1 minute
Premine 720,000 NODE
Masternode Collateral 5,000 NODE
Block Rewards 50% MN, 48% POS, 2% Platform Development

More details here:

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Fund Distribution

(BTC and Masternode Allocation Breakdown)

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For immediate support contact or reach out in our Discord

No, all essential masternode hosting features will always remain available to all users. NODE coin will provide access to an increased platform discounts layer, and additional bonus platform benefits and features.

Your NODE Coin will be instantly deposited into your NodeHost account wallet. Once users recieve their coins they can withdraw them to their desktop wallet or leave them on the NodeHost site to use for masternode hosting.

The 10% NODE platform discount will be automatically built into our payment processing system as long as you are paying with NODE coin.

Yes, users who refer a friend to the NodeHost Pro Sale receive 10% of every users purchase. Referee’s (receivers of the referral) will receive a 10% discount on their purchase.

No, BTC will be the only payment option for purchasing NodeHost Pro.

The NodeHost Pro Sale will last 5 rounds, and will last either until sold out or 30 days from the start of round 1.

At the end of the NodeHost Pro sale, any remaining coins will be destroyed in a coin burn.

The NodeHost team is in communication with multiple reputable exchanges and is working to get NODE coin listed as soon as possible following the distribution.