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Deposit Coins

The first step to launching a masternode with our Full-Service feature is depositing coins. Our NodeHost user portal allows you to generate an address to deposit your collateral into our secure wallets. If you would rather manage your own wallet, our Server-Only feature is for you.

Launch Masternodes

We have made launching masternodes as easy as clicking a button. Visit our Masternodes page and click launch to deploy your masternode.

Withdraw Coins

Withdrawing your coins should be as easy as depositing your coins. For NodeHost users, it is even easier. Visit our Accounts page to make withdrawals or shutdown your masternode at anytime.

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The Process

Deposit Coins

The coins that you send to NodeHost will be stored in our secure wallets until you are ready to deploy your masternodes.

Deploy Masternodes

Easily deploy, manage, and analyze your masternodes. We handle the upkeep, you handle the rewards. If you do not have enough for a full node, NodeHost makes pooling (shared) masternode groups easy. Pooling can also help optimize the rewards you receive.

Earn Rewards

NodeHost helps users achieve block reward optimization. You will be able to track, manage, and withdraw your rewards at any time.

Our Fees

Simple. Transparent.
Fee Structure of Masternode Rewards

Coin Listings

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Monthly Rewards


Masternode Collateral

5000 DEV